There will be a variety books and content created by Super Sad Squad. On the drawing table are a volumed graphic novel, a mini-comic collection full of short - often one page - comic strips suitable for all ages, and a coloring book with fun and cutesy drawings of the series' characters targeted toward a much younger audience with very lighthearted and family-friendly material. While all of the general content is safe for all ages, please read the following regarding Super Sad Squad's upcoming graphic novel.

Super Sad Squad's largest project will be our volumed graphic novel. The graphic novel will be heavily story driven and will tackle tough subject matter targeted for older readers. This may include but is not limited to: physical acts of violence, bullying, depression, suicide, domestic abuse, harassment and sexuality. Strong language and sexually suggestive themes may appear periodically.

Please keep this in mind if considering sharing the Super Sad Squad graphic novel with your kids.

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