Blank Verse is a comic book series under development from Super Sad Squad, with the first issue set to be released in 2019. Blank Verse is a “slice of life” story that follows Alex Huggins by means of the journal she keeps.

Alex has always loved reading and writing since she was a child. Even before she could read she would plead for her parents to read to her, dropping books into their laps and saying “Read me this!” As she grew up she began to take up writing herself, filling notebooks and journals from front to back with her musings and continuing that to this day.

While fiercely devoted to her friends and family, Alex cares very little for herself and has next to no concern for her own well-being. Alex seems to believe she is deserving of every bad thing that happens to her and almost never stands up for herself. Being meek and timid, she is frequently a victim to bullying and seldom puts up a fight when facing conflict.

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Alex lives at home with her father, Patrick.

Formerly a professional contractor, Patrick was relieved from his job after sustaining injuries in a tragic car accident that took the life of his wife, Anna. Now an independent contractor who takes his payments under the table, Patrick takes odd jobs making far less money than what he used to in an effort to keep the house Alex was raised in. Patrick’s grueling work takes its toll on his body, but he keeps his pain a secret from Alex in an effort not to worry her.

Alex’s uncle, Gregory Ford, has nothing but contempt for Patrick and Alex. Unfortunately Ford is also principal of the school Alex attends and causes her nothing but trouble with a never-ending barrage of lectures on everything from her attendance, grades, even down to making sure she sticks to the dress code.

Alex’s life is made just a little bit easier thanks to her best friend, Sam, who has been her neighbor since they were kids.

Sam is a very active and fun-loving person with a soft spot for sports - skateboarding in particular. She’s a beach bum and makes trips to the beach any time she can to surf, swim, play beach games and occasionally pick fights with strangers.

Sam’s father, Jim, is emotionally and even physically abusive to Sam after she came out to her parents recently. Since coming out she has done her best to stay away from home, living out of her car and finding sanctuary at friends’ places. She often spends her time at Alex’s house or stays a few days at a time at her coworker Laura’s apartment. Sam’s little brother, Logan, is a problem child that she always tries to avoid due to the fact that he constantly tries to get Sam into trouble with her dad as well as bully Alex when they’re at school.



Faced with the grief of losing her mother, the anguish of seeing her father suffer, the belittlement and disparaging remarks by her uncle as well as the physical and emotional abuse caused by Logan’s constant bullying, it’s hard to to imagine what keeps Alex together. Throughout it all, she records her thoughts and feelings into a journal she keeps. Blank Verse is a glimpse into that journal.

Blank Verse does not follow a typical story structure with inspiring character arcs and captivating moments; it is merely a candid glimpse into the life of Alex Huggins.

Blank Verse is not a heartwarming tale; It is a story of tragedy, loss, and crippling depression with short-lived moments of escape.

Blank Verse is sad. Plain and simple.


Blank Verse will contain subject matter not suitable for younger readers. Read our full disclaimer for more information.