Nathan Young

Character Artist - Project Lead

Nathan originally came up with Super Sad Squad in 2015 and has since been inching along in an effort to turn it from an aimless doodle into a full fledged comic. Don't let the shaved head, facial scars and past experience in a metal band fool you; deep down he's a sensitive little man-child.

"In my junior year of high school I got suspended for saying Tony Hawk's Underground 2 was 'the bomb'. I was driven home in the back of a police car." - Nathan Young

Jessica Hicks

Aspiring Scribbler - Project Wordsmith

Jessica is an INTJ/P type and has been perfecting the art of storytelling since learning to talk. She was brought into the Super Sad Squad project on August 27, 2016 at 8:52 PM and has since been working closely with Nathan to hammer out every story arc.

"I played softball for a total of one year because my step-mother at the time made me join the same team as her daughter. We lost every game, and I broke my arm." - Jessica Hicks.


Lucas Hicks

Assistant to the Regional Manager - Scene Artist

Bio pending.

"As a child I played tee-ball. And by 'played' I mean I spent every game spinning in circles and picking flowers in the out field. Sports were never really my thing." - Lucas Hicks