Super Sad Squad is on Patreon!

Currently, Super Sad Squad's biggest project is a series of comic books we're calling Blank Verse. It's a melancholy story about Alex Huggins, a meek and timid young woman with a lot on her plate recently. We have targeted our first issue of Blank Verse released in 2019.

So, if we're making a comic book in the long run, why set up a Patreon instead of a crowd-funding campaign? Well, there is more to do than just create the comic book. It takes a steady flow of money instead of one big lump sum. What you contribute to Super Sad Squad will go toward keeping our website up as well as supplies and tools to keep these wheels in motion.

But what do you get in return? We will be releasing short form mini-comics that we're calling Blank Verse Minis that will delve into the side stories and behind the scenes moments of Blank Verse. We'll keep pumping out material in hopes to earn your support. You are, after all, our only hope for seeing this thing through to the end.

Thank you in advance for your attention and your support.  

These people have already taken it upon themselves to make monthly contributions to support us.

We love them to pieces.


Dillon Webster

Josh Looper

Geoff Girardin

Jeffrey Lynn Johnston

Gerardo Flores

Diana Bullard

Danni Powell

Jason Black

Sydney Holt

Kailani Maywood



If you would rather donate once to help out our projects, you can do so by clicking here. 100% of the money donated goes toward the project’s expenses.