Keep in mind that the story is still under development. Not all of this info may be completely up to date as we are working all the time on new things to make the story better. Small details could change without warning, but this is the foundation in which the story has been built on.


Super Sad Squad started as an exercise in character illustration in 2015. Instead of ditching the project when it was finished, we stuck with the idea and built on it. Now the goal is to build a story around these characters and turn it into a comic.


Super Sad Squad will be centered around Alex Huggins. She’s a 17 year old high school senior who is typically very quiet and reserved. She gets teased and picked on quite a bit at school, mostly by another character named Logan, who happens also to be her neighbor, so it’s an ongoing struggle that happens even outside of school.

Alex has deadbeat parents who don’t engage with her very often. She spends a lot of time outside just to get away from them. She hangs out in the back yard talking to her neighbor Sam over the fence dividing them. Sam is Logan’s older sister and sticks up for Alex when he gets out of hand.

Alex likes to read, listen to depressing music and is obsessed with a composition notebook she carries, of which the contents are a complete mystery.

She is the embodiment of teen angst. When I was in high school I went through (and probably still am going through) a monstrous emo phase. Alex is going to be a reflection of that. She is going to have a little bit of myself, as well as many other friends who were going through something similar thrown in.


Samantha Gray is Alex’s best friend and next door neighbor. They did go to school together, but Sam has since graduated. Alex comes home from school and hangs out in the back yard talking to Sam through the fence diving their houses. Sam is tough and a little mean, which is the exact polar opposite of Alex. Sam sticks up for her when she gets picked on by other people, including her little brother Logan. Sam works at a thrift store located in a strip mall near their neighborhood.

Logan Gray is Sam’s little brother and a real bully. He picks on Alex at school and pesters her at home since they live side by side. He knocks her books out of her hands, steals her glasses and trips her in the hallway. Secretly his teasing stems from the fact that he has a crush on her and just doesn’t know how to act around girls. He thinks the only way to get her to notice him is by being overwhelmingly cruel to her, oblivious to how much damage it actually does to her. Sam keeps him in check any time she is around.


Other characters of Super Sad Squad include Laura White, who works with Sam and is almost overwhelmingly outgoing . Another character is Steven Spikes, who is a mountain of a man with the heart of an angel. He works at a vintage music store the other characters frequent and has minimal, but meaningful dialogue with them. Him and Alex are fascinated with each other.


Alex will be pitted against many people as the story moves along. Logan and his gang of bullies will cause her the most grief, but one of the other large obstacles will be Gregory Ford (Mr. Ford), who is the main villain of the story. He is the principal of the school that Alex and Logan go to. His character is still in development, but what we know right now is that he has it out for Alex. He’s a jerk to everyone pretty much, but he preys mostly on Alex, playing on her weaknesses because he knows she is an easy target. Ever since Sam graduated last year, nobody has been around to stand up for Alex. One of the big challenges she faces is finding out to deal with Mr. Ford on her own.


Alex lives at home with her parents in a cul de sac that’s somewhat run down. Sam and Logan live at home with their parents as well in a house right next to Alex. Though Sam has graduated high school, she hasn’t moved out or anything just yet. Alex spends a lot of time outside in her back yard, which is separated from Sam’s house with a large but old privacy fence. They often have conversations with their backs facing the fence. There is a small broken plank they pass notes and things through. Logan spies on Alex through the break in the fence because he secretly has a crush on her.


We are currently doing some research on cul de sac neighborhoods. Finding out what the houses typically look like and if this location is something we should base on a local neighborhood or look into more popular cities for that type of neighborhood.


Alex and Logan both go to the same school and are there often. Outside of school they go a handful of shops that other characters will work at. Sam will work at a thrift store along with Laura. Steven will work at a music store for old records and CDs. These different locations will open up new possibilities in the story I think and allow the characters to interact in different ways.


Alex and Sam are good friends. They have lived beside each other and went to school together for a long time. Sam recently graduated high school but is still living at home with her parents, so her and Alex still get to be close and Sam still gets to help Alex through her day to day struggles. Sam is definitely Alex’s safety net for when things get tough, which they often will for her.

Sam and Logan are brother and sister. They have a typical sibling rivalry going on. Sam picks on Logan and Logan sabotages Sam with pranks and traps. Their parents seem to never have a reaction to any of this.

Steven works at a vintage music store that Alex and Sam regularly visit. He has a lot in common with Alex, being very quiet and reserved, but he’s always polite and doesn’t hesitate to talk to them when they come in. He is one of the few people other than Sam that Alex enjoys talking to. Steven has a huge influence on Alex and motivates her often with his kind words and sage advice. She looks at him as the big brother she never had.

Laura and Sam work together at a thrift store. Sam folds clothes and handles merchandising and Laura deals with customers, since she’s more of a people person than Sam is by far. They get along just fine and like to people watch with customers who come in the store. Laura is one of the few people who makes Sam laugh, which is a very rare occurrence.


Alex is about 17 years old. Typical age of a high school senior.

Sam is probably about 18. She is only 6 months older than Alex..

Logan is 16. He’s a little younger than Alex but gets really mad if you point that out.

Laura is in her early 20’s, but nobody knows exactly how old she is and don’t you dare ask her yourself.

Steven is about the same age as Sam. We think he graduated the same year she did. Would have to look in an old yearbook to make sure.

Nobody knows how old Greg is.


Alex is very quiet and shy. She’s a mystery because of how little she reveals about herself. This drives Logan insane. He’s always trying to find ways to be involved in her life in an attempt to figure her out. He spies on her through a break in the fence that divides their back yards. He is always eavesdropping when she comes over to hang out with Sam. At school he picks on her and pushes her around in an attempt to mask the fact that he’s really fascinated by her. This all is aside from the fact that she’s super cute with big sad puppy dog eyes.