These people have taken it upon themselves to make monthly cash donations to Super Sad Squad on Patreon. On top of receiving sweet perks, these people deserve to be publicly acknowledged. We couldn't do this without them.

  • Tyrell Gilbert
  • Jeffrey Lynn Johnston
  • Geoff Girardin
  • Jason Black

Why back Super Sad Squad?


We are a small team of three people local to Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley. We're pursuing our creative goals of art and writing while also trying to make ends meet. Backing our project will give us opportunities to see those goals finished and expand into even larger things. With a little bit of funding, we can print our material, create merchandise and expand our presence online. It will also, with enough time and funding, open us up to creating content on a larger scale and much more frequently. We're starting with a graphic novel and intend to move on to mini-comics, art books, how-to-draw books, and even coloring books for the kids. Your support and contributions will help us reach those goals faster!


You also could get these Super Sad Squad goodies for contributing!

  • Access to the Super Sad Squad mini-comic months before it's made available to the public.
  • High-quality downloads of future illustrations.
  • Patron-only illustrations and sketches not shared with anyone else.
  • Step-by-step process shots of illustrations.
  • Sneak peeks at the SSS graphic novel as it comes along.
  • Private tutorial videos and art tips from Nathan Young.
  • Your name getting being printed or hand-written in the finished graphic novel.
  • Physical copy of the pre-launch graphic novel before it is made available publicly.
  • Have a pizza party thrown in your honor and a sit-in with the creators of SSS during our next brainstorming session. (Northwest Arkansas and River Valley locals only. Spoiler heavy.)


If you would like to contribute to Super Sad Squad, click here!