Frame: Alex's body is just about 6.5 heads high. Her frame is very thin, but still somewhat in shape with slight curves in her hips, thighs and butt, which are the results of running track with Sam while they still went to school together. She is super cute, but do try to avoid making her appear "sexy." She's not a surf board, but keep her chest small and covered up entirely.

Hair: Long, straight, jet black. Swooping bangs held back with a small hair clip. Length goes just above the middle of her back.

Style: She wears, on most occasions, all black or darker shades of gray. When she wears color, it should stay in a sort of "punk" pallet with reds, purples, and (only on the rarest occasions) some pink. She does NOT where skirts, as wearing a skirt will be a key part of the story later on as she battles with having self confidence. She keeps pretty much every inch of her skin covered most of the time. She likes long sleeve shirts and hoodies on top and skinny jeans or leggings/yoga pants on bottom. Her clothes should typically be on the tighter side, as she's an emo kid and that's just how they do things.


Frame: Sam's body is about 6.5 heads high. She is very active and her body is evidence of that. Her favorite hobby is skateboarding and as a result her hips, thighs, and butt are rather large and toned. Sam has a larger chest and immaculate posture, so some might say she straddles a fine line between cute and sexy. Still, don't go crazy. 

Hair: The key focus of Sam's hair is swooping bangs that cover one of her eyes. The tips of her bangs should fall just above her shoulder. For positioning, think of Dragon Ball Z; her hair should behave like Goku's, meaning that the part and the side of her face her bangs fall on are not set and will change constantly to whatever the shot requires. This is an odd method and not perfect, but hey - we aren't magicians. If Funimation can get by with it, so can we. The shorter side of her hair still covers up her ear mostly, but can be tucked behind if required. In extreme situations Sam can pin her long bangs back with a hair clip, but she only does that right before she gets in a fight, so you better run if you catch her glaring at you with BOTH eyes.

Style: Sam is sort of tomboyish in the way she dresses. 3/4 sleeve baseball tees, v-neck tees and, around people she's more comfortable with or when lounging around, she can be found in a tank top. Even with Sam's larger chest, I'd like to refrain from showing cleavage. She's not trying to impress anyone and usually wears shirts that cover her breasts completely. One of the only exceptions would be when she's wearing a tank top, but that will happen pretty seldom. Sam is very active and freedom of movement is crucial to her, so she doesn't wear anything loose or inhibiting on her legs at any time - you'll find her in skinny jeans (only the extra stretchy kind), yoga pants or tights, or various types of shorts. Her butt should always be prominent in whatever she wears - she's not a showoff, but she's worked hard on it and wears it with pride.

Logan Sheet.png


Frame: Logan's body is just about 6 heads high. He is pretty dang skinny with little to no muscle definition. What shape he's in can be credited to the mischievous activities he gets into with his crew - lots of running from trouble. Logan's posture and laser focused looks should make it appear that he could attack at any moment. He doesn't (most of the time), but will most likely get one of his cronies to do it for him.

Hair: Logan and Sam, being brother and sister, have the same natural hair color. While Sam dyes her hair black, Logan kept his natural color. His hair is somewhat long and feathers towards the ends pretty badly. He can be found wearing a hat most of the time.

Style: Logan doesn't wear colors as dark as some of the other members of the cast. His jeans are often on the lighter side. His clothes should appear as though they're supposed to be tight, but his scrawny figure can't even fill them out. His clothes are the last of his worries, as he rarely even makes sure his shoes are tied. The only thing I'd like to see be consistent with Logan's clothes is that I'd like his pants to almost always be a brighter color than his shirt and shoes, which I'd like to see be darker. The hat isn't even always mandatory.


Frame: Laura's body is about 6 heads high. Laura is very curvy, beautiful and vivacious. Laura took ballet for the majority of her life, so don't doubt her for her plus size figure; she is very spry and agile. It is no secret that she has got it going on and we couldn't hide it if we tried - she has a large chest and a butt that'll steal every eye in the room. The big challenge with drawing Laura will be keeping her proportions consistent when drawing her numerous times. Laura is going to be the center of attention in every scene she's in, but let's make sure and stay smart with how we draw her. She's gorgeous, but she's not a sex object and we will NOT make her into one.

Hair: Laura typically keeps her hair resting on her shoulder, as she is very proud of it and wants it to be front and center when interacting with others. It's black, thick and wavy and can be accented with various accessories like bows, pins and clips. When falling straight down it reaches the middle of her back. Laura usually doesn't tie her hair into a ponytail, as she thinks it's lazy and dull. If she puts her hair up, she does it in a very fetching way.

Style: Laura is very confident in her skin. She tends to wear darker colors, but avoids monochromatic outfits at all costs. Her favorite colors to wear are purple and white. She wears flashy high waisted jeans and crop tops, flowing skirts and dresses, ballet flats or boots. She's very showy, with most of her shirts being low cut and jeans being skin tight. The rule for avoiding cleavage with Sam absolutely does not apply to Laura. With her it's unavoidable, so you might as well make the best of it.